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Replica Piaget Watches Customer Ratings and Reviews From watcheverywednesday.com

Last Customer Ratings and Reviews Of Fakes Piaget Watches

Replica Dancer Piaget GOA33052 White Gold Womens PD00415 Watch
US $255.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Travis Perrier From Italy Barletta Bari
Date: 01/08/16 17:32:48
5 Stars
Great Transaction. No problems. good quality and service.
Piaget GOA34011 PP00577 Titanium Automatic Watches
US $253.00 / piece
Reviewed by: matt carter From Australia Truganina
Date: 01/08/16 15:56:02
4.5 Stars
What a beautiful Polo watch! This watch can be worn anytime! Business, casual, nightlife! It looks "rich". I still cant believe what I paid! Incredible value.
High Quality Replica Piaget GOA31041 Rose Gold Tang PP07233 Watches
US $255.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Emily Wilson From USA West Orange
Date: 01/07/16 07:58:15
4.5 Stars
Good, solid Polo watch that lives up to its promise as a tough, simple and functional timepiece. Night visibility could be better. The hands and face also look a little cheap up close, but not bad. Definitely worth the sale price.
Piaget Brown Quartz PA08339
US $254.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Susanne Codd From United States Lagrange
Date: 01/06/16 05:21:08
5 Stars
i really like dis Replica Altiplano watch it is just for me i am a trend setter and i like things a jewlery like dis it makes u feel good about your jewlery and to know u where the first person wit it tells u that u are a trend setter!!!!!!!!duh
Knockoff Piaget Dancer Buckle Mens PD08332
US $261.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Wild & Sexy From USA Berkeley Heights
Date: 01/05/16 02:02:22
4.5 Stars
A pretty simple Replica Piaget watch for a good price. Could skate with or wear to dinner. The band felt sturdy - not a cheap piece of canvas, but thick. Ill add more if the thing craps out of leads him to a pot of gold. Stay thirsty, my friends.
Replica Piaget GOA31040 Polo White Gold Automatic PP05148 Watches
US $245.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Leticia From USA Fargo
Date: 01/02/16 21:23:40
4.5 Stars
I ordered this Replica Polo watched based on appearance first, reviews second. I'll give it to my husband for christmas (2007) and will update after.
Cheap Replica Piaget GOA28046 Polo Yellow Gold Womens PP03134
US $252.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Christine Macdonald From Romania Iasi
Date: 01/01/16 03:10:44
4 Stars
Dependable. The insert that holds the watch could be a little thicker for bands that go on wider wrists.
Dancer Piaget Buckle Quartz PD08329 Watches
US $265.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Neeley M From USA Salem
Date: 12/30/15 20:38:26
4 Stars
Excellent bargain. arrived quicker than expected. item as described.
Altiplano Piaget Buckle Quartz PA08336 Watches
US $254.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Nona C From United States Cedar Grove
Date: 12/29/15 16:56:04
4 Stars
Replica Altiplano Watch is great, Im afraid Ill loose the key and will have a hard time changing the time. Otherwise its great, it has a heavy duty strap and is solid on the wrist.
Replica Piaget Dancer PD08330 Brown Buckle Watches Outlet
US $265.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Karen Mahoney From Canada Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Date: 12/29/15 05:55:30
5 Stars
I bought this Dancer watch as a Valentine's present for my husband. The first watch I received was defectI've so I had to send it back. was great with the return process! I received the second watch and was completely satisfied. My husband loved it! It looks great and didn't cost too much.
Piaget GOA05143 PD00520 Round Womens Watch
US $259.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Danny B From United States Campo, California
Date: 12/28/15 14:10:11
4 Stars
I like this Replica Dancer watch, definitely worth buying now! AAA+++
AAA Dancer Piaget G0A31158 Deployment Automatic PD06969
US $265.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Andrew Smith From Australia Albion Park
Date: 12/28/15 06:23:53
5 Stars
This is a great watch. I have never worn anything that gets so many compliments.
Replica AAA Altiplano Piaget GOA32065 Square Automatic PA02961 Watch
US $249.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Lua P From Singapore Ho Chi Minh
Date: 12/26/15 06:40:16
Designer Fake Piaget GOA31114 PA00733 Altiplano Rose Gold Automatic
US $251.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Simone Black From United States Campo, California
Date: 12/25/15 19:35:17
AAA Replica Piaget Buckle Quartz PA08334 Watches
US $258.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Lucia From United Kingdom Middelsex
Date: 12/25/15 03:25:21
5 Stars
Back it goes as it just doesn't work for me with such a large face- the prior reviews were both pro and con for this watch so I decided to take the plunge but my mistake and back it goes..
Copy Piaget Dancer PD08327 Quartz Mens
US $264.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Amy F From Greece Nea Makri
Date: 12/25/15 03:19:59
4.5 Stars
This is one of the most beautiful Piaget watches ever! I love it! It's so versatile and I absolutely love all the different colored bands you can buy to go with it. I personally love the silver metal band the best but I've seen the other bands with it and it looks just as beautiful.
Piaget PD08331 Brown Quartz Watches Cheap Price
US $263.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Justin Eiswirth From England Bradford
Date: 12/24/15 21:16:11
5 Stars
I got this item for my husband as a Christmas present. He never wore a watch before but he seems to like it and wear it quite a bit. It is big and substancial feeling and everything on it works well. It is a nice looking Replica Dancer watch.
Piaget PA08338 Quartz Unisex
US $247.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Alina I From Unite States Of America Upper Saddle River
Date: 12/24/15 19:41:19
4.5 Stars
This watch looks great feels good and is cool I really like wearing it. easy to read
Replica Altiplano Piaget G0A31114 Automatic Mens PA05121 Watch
US $260.00 / piece
Reviewed by: liz foster From Maliki Kota Bharu
Date: 12/23/15 14:29:03
4.5 Stars
Just like the Altiplano Replica watch, very convenient and safe purchase
Replica Piaget G0A32090 Rose Gold Womens PL05829 Watches
US $249.00 / piece
Reviewed by: nicholas sanchez From United States Roseburg
Date: 12/22/15 06:05:53
5 Stars
This Replica Piaget G0A32090 Rose Gold Womens PL05829 Watches is a beautiful watch and I have had so many compliments on it. But I have had it a little less than a year now, and the rose gold finish is rubbing off. It also leaves black marks on my wrist if I sweat in it. Overall I love it. But if you are looking for something to wear daily, this is not for you.
Imitation Piaget G0A31149 PP01429 Rose Gold Deployment Buckle US
US $253.00 / piece
Reviewed by: anel calderon From Belgium Lasne (brabant Wallon)
Date: 12/21/15 03:04:35
4.5 Stars
Great All-Around Watch - Stylish and effective for the outdoorsman/athlete. The strap isn't as comfortable as it could be, but doesn't bother me.
High Quality Piaget GOA02107 PD05069 Dancer Yellow Gold Womens
US $266.00 / piece
Reviewed by: hidden beauty essentials From South Africa Durban
Date: 12/20/15 03:05:37
Piaget G0A26019 White Gold Automatic PP03438 Watch
US $251.00 / piece
Reviewed by: paul holland From United States Sarasota
Date: 12/19/15 15:36:40
5 Stars
i love it very much, very exquisite Piaget G0A26019 White Gold Automatic PP03438 Watch watch
Hot Replica Piaget GOA26029 PP03548 Yellow Gold Quartz Watches
US $254.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Sarah Jayne Adams From Kuwait Salmiya
Date: 12/18/15 04:26:37
4.5 Stars
The Polo Replica watch is very nice! My mother loved it! It isn't extremely heavy but you can tell it isn't a cheap watch!
Replica Black Tie Emperador Piaget G0A31016 White Gold Mens PB06036
US $254.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Quan From Mexico City Mexico Df
Date: 12/17/15 23:03:56
Piaget GOA33233 PP00450 Polo White Gold Womens Watches
US $245.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Carol Linder From Saudi Arabia Buraidah
Date: 12/17/15 04:21:48
5 Stars
the watch is really pretty and unique. I have a very small wrist and it looks huge but going to give it to someone as I think it is really pretty.
Replica Piaget GOA33071 Tang Mens PB07123 For Sale
US $264.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Lesley R From Switzerland Lutzenberg
Date: 12/16/15 17:48:11
4 Stars
and heavy. Very disappointed. Women with a small wrist miss out again which is too bad because this is a very pretty cuff watch.
Replica Piaget Polo GOA33231 PP04918 Round Womens Watches
US $243.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Irene Lara Arribas From Australia Strathfield
Date: 12/14/15 22:09:52
5 Stars
I got this Polo Replica watch for my boyfriend for V-Day! It was guaranteed to arrive before 2/13 and did! It is a gorgeous watch and a great value. He love it. Nice big face. Watch was huge so he had to take to a jeweler but great for big guys!
Top Replica Piaget GOA33031 Quartz Womens PP02140 Watches UK
US $260.00 / piece
Reviewed by: sharon leith From USA Menlo Park
Date: 12/14/15 13:27:08
Replica Piaget GOA30145 PP01115 Tang Quartz
US $260.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Michele Crockford From United States Fountain Valley
Date: 12/14/15 05:20:11
5 Stars
No problem to adjust the wrist band, pins in the clasp can be adjusted using a heavy straight pin or mini-screwdriver. There are 4 at one end and 2 at the other;a jeweler can also remove up to 7 links.
Piaget G0A26027 PP00151 Polo Deployment Quartz
US $260.00 / piece
Reviewed by: jeanine lanzelotti From Spain Madrid - Las Rozas
Date: 12/14/15 03:53:34
4 Stars
I wear this everday along with all of my other ecko gear...gotta get man this is a great watch.
Replica Piaget Black Tie Emperador G0A32121 PB04806 Rectangle Automatic
US $251.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Ildiko Szücs From Kazakhstan Kostanay
Date: 12/12/15 16:00:53
4.5 Stars
While this Burberry Engraved Ceramic watch is absolutely stunning, the black color is not very durable.
Replica Piaget GOA34010 PP03704 Round Automatic
US $255.00 / piece
Reviewed by: Richard Scarponi From France Montrouge
Date: 12/12/15 09:44:34
4.5 Stars
Will some one donate to a worthy cause and buy one for me? Lost mine because I forgot to screw down the knob after changing the time when I went overseas for a diving drip. Saw the water in the watch and it broke my heart.